Light on Dark, Dark on Light

Everyone should watch this!  These are truly the foundation secrets to taking your photography from instinctual to masterfully intentional.

Here are several "nuggets of photographic truth" that I'm thinking about a ton when it comes to my photography. These truly are the missing ingredients that I have been discovering in my photographs but just couldn't put my finger on why they worked and why they didn't. 

Things I'm looking for:

  1. Remember that your eyes will always go to the greatest point of contrast in an image (darkest dark lightest light and where they meet) . This will communicate your subject.  The relationship between Light on Dark and Dark on Light is powerful in image making.
  2. The relationship between horizontals, verticals, and diagonals in your images. 
  3. Lights, Grays, Darks. How those create depth through your images. 

Why does a dark sky and a dark building not work well together? Because your missing out on that visual contrast (lightest light and darkest dark, and where they meet) and the viewer is struggling to find the subject. 

There are many more. Best to watch the video and discover them for yourself.