Across the Harbour- Sydney Australia

Before and After

Before After

Jenn and I had a wonderful picnic in this spot. There were big patches of grass, benches to enjoy the view, and tons of locals just hanging out enjoying the summer weather. There was even a workout class going on that just looked brutal. The Aussies are in shape that is fore sure!

How this shot was made:

Canon 5D mkII, 16-35mm f2.8L II 16mm F8, ISO640, at 6sec (Base Exposure)

5 Bracketed exposures (-2,-1,0,+1,+2) taken on location. Exported 5 exposures to HDRsoft's 32bit tiff plugin to combine into 32bit floating point tiff. Lightroom adjustments on the 32bit tiff to get it as close to final as I could.

Digital Blending: Brought into Photoshop for some Digital Blending to fix several issues. First the sky and water were too dark and needed some work. Second the ferry dock and bridge piller on the upper right were too bright and blown out. Third the city and opera house could use a little more contrast and some of the clarity had been lost! Also, overall the photo was still a little soft and needed a punch on sharpening and contrast.

Used -2 exposure to fix the blown out areas of the ferry station and bridge piller. Used a curves adjustment with a layer mask to add contrast to the city, opera house, and little bit in the right of the photo. Added a l"highpass" filter layer set to "overlay" to add a little more pop of sharpening and contrast to the photo, but painted out the sharpening of the sky, and water using a layer mask. Used another curves layer to brighten up the water a bit more.

Back into lightroom for final adjustments. Increased exposure by .5 and adjusted white balance adding a touch more blue to the photo to finish it off.

Across the Harbour- Sydney Australia