Amazing Big Ben!

Amazing Big Ben

My wife and I had an awesome day today! It started off with a little bit of camera desaster when my 16-35mm f2.8L decided it would be fun for the focus ring to start locking up. Luckly I was able to find a camera shop in London that was able to take a quick look at it and fix it. I guess there was a screw that needed to be glued down that was catching on the focus ring. Much to my relief It was easily fixed and we were able to go about our day.

On the list for today was the...

  1. Successful navigation of the tube for the first time unassisted
  2. Camera store to repair lens
  3. Lunch at a local sandwich shop
  4. Tower of London- saw the crown jewels, bloody tower, the white tower and traders gate. All the wonderful things the Tower of London has to offer. 
  5. Boat ride from the Tower to the London Eye
  6. London Eye- view extravaganza and tourist overload
  7. Laid down in the park next to the London Eye and watched the clouds go bye
  8. Dinner at "Giraffe"- had the lamb burger-hmmmmm, the waitress was super funny
  9. Globe Theater: saw "All's Well that Ends Well"- Amazing
  10. Back to the flat to get some sleep

The only bummer for the day was that I lost one of my tripod feet while walking around the Tower of London. My tripod still works but is a little lop-sided  now and I'm just so frustrated at myself that it fell off.  I tried to find it but no luck! Such a bummer