Canon 5dmkII to mkIII: Upgrade or Not Upgrade???

So, finally the 5D mkII was announced and I got to say I'm feeling a little let down! Not because the mk III is not a good camera but mostly because I feel like I have been going around in circles in terms of camera bodies....... I'll explain a little of my back story.

I started off as a Nikon Shooter! My first camera was a Nikon D80 and I totally love that camera and it was a great place to start. After about a year and a half with the D80 I decided to go all the way and get a full frame camera when the D700 came out! So I sold all of my FX lenses except my 50mm and upgraded to the D700 and got a 24-70 f2.8 and a 80-200 f2.8. That was all I had for another year and half and I was super happy with it. The D700 was rouged, weather sealed, had amazing low light capabilities, and had perfect auto focus! It was a wonderful camera!

When the mkII came out I got sucked into the idea of having amazing video capabilities built into a stills camera! Being a cinematographer at Dreamworks this was a win win for me giving me the freedom to be a photographer and film maker all in the same package! So I switched...........

What I got in the mkII was a BEAUTIFUL sensor! I LOVE IT. It takes rick beautiful images that I actually love more then my D700!.......

what I got was a less robust body, no weather sealing, HORRIBLE auto focus compared to the D700, less awesome low light( but decent enough to be ok), and ok HDR/AEB. In a lot of way I took a step back as far functionality to get good video and a wonderful sensor. It was a risk but I took it.

Now the mk III has been announced and I got to say I'm really happy that they basically fixed everything I gave up in my D700. I'll have a more roughed body, better auto focus, better low light, and more stops for HDR. Awesome!!!!!!

So basically I'm just upgrading to pretty much what I had 2 years ago in the D700??? right.....

Ugggg.........I pretty sad about that! Is anyone else feeling the same or is it just me?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!