Daily Picture Posts

Magic Sunset -Payette Lake -McCall Idaho

Magic Sunset -Payette Lake -McCall Idaho

Probably one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. The sky lit up like a fire for a good 20 minutes. But even better then seeing this sunset was photographing it with my brothers and sisters. So wonderful to enjoy this moment with family that I hadn't hung out with in a long time. Sometimes it's about the people your with then the thing your photographing.

The Broad Museum - Los Angeles

The Broad Museum - Los Angeles

I finally had a chance to get out and go shooting last night. My subject? "The Broad" Museum. This is a new museum just recently constructed in LA that is scheduled to open fall of 2015. I'm super excited to check out the inside and explore this beautiful piece of architecture. What an amazing building!

Be sure to checkout their website and learn more about this awesome museum!

Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown This week (unless he is late), I am going into a new frontier.....Fatherhood!!!!

Like all who have gone before me, I'm about to jump out of the spaceship and free fall into the great unknown. Wish me luck!

Photo Info: Picture of the super sonic space suit used during the "red bull space jump" this year. http://www.redbullstratos.com/

El Matador State Beach - California

I took this a couple weeks ago while I was out with a friend teaching him some of my photography techniques.

I have never been to El Matador and I was so surprise how busy the beach was. I must have counted 3 short films being filmed, several photo shoots going on, one of which involved a Triton and Mermaids, and tons of people just walking the beach. We decided on this high vantage point just to get away from it all and not be over run with people. Good thing I know how to paint people out in photoshop. lol

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion - Los Angeles

One of my favourite spots in Los Angeles, the Civic Center area is one of the best places in the city for photography. With the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Grand Park, City Hall, and Department of Water and Power fountains, all with in a block of each other, it makes for some fantastic locations.

The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is part of this wonderful complex and plays host to many musical performances and operas in Los Angeles. It is also pretty dang good looking building as well. :)