Day One: London

Parliment and Big Ben

My wife Jenn and I have safely made it across the pond and have arrived in London for the begining of our two week trip abroad. Its my hope to post one picture a day of our travels as well as write down some notes of all we did each day.  Hopefully we can keep this up for the rest of trip so people can enjoy some of our travels right along with us.

Here is what we did on day one!

1.Rode double decker buses for the first time.
2.American Church in London--Fitzrovia
3.Lunch at Marlborough Arms, had Pimms for the first time, Pub--Fitzrovia,
4.Took bus to the British Library and saw rare and hand written Codex Sinaiticus, Beethoven; Mozart's compositions, Handel's Messiah, Jane Austin's diary and writing desk, Magna Carta, an original copy of Cantebury Tales, Great stamp collection
5.Took the tube to Green Park, went to Buckingham Palace to say hello to queen
6.Walked through St. James Park, saw the birds and variety of quacking
7.Walked the route of the royal wedding
8.Walked by Westminster Abbey with the modern day martyrs on the the front doors including MLK. 
9.Walked along Parliament, Big Ben
10.Went up White Hall.  Saw 10 Downey Street where the Prime Minister lives
11.Changing of the guards
12.Trafalgar Square...
13.Dinner at Byron- awesome burger place in London
14.Walked around Covent Garden
15.Took pictures on Hungerford Bridge