First Ever Gallery Show

First Ever Gallery Show, originally uploaded by Joshua Gunther.

I am super stoked to announce that for the first time ever I am publicly displaying some of my photography. You don't know how excited, joyful, humbled, and a little scared I am to be doing this for the first time. Its been an amazing journey getting to this point and I can't wait to see what this little leap of faith will bring into my life.

I have had so much fun with photography over the last year and its just such a JOY to be able to share it with other people in this way. My only hope is that these five photo's will positively affect all who see them in some small way over the next several weeks.

If you happen to live in LA and want to check them out. My work is hanging in the Church Cafe at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles California.

Also if you wish to check out the five Photo's that I'm displaying on my flickr stream, check out the link below