First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills

First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills

My wife was recently ordained as a Presbyterian minister and this is our home church where she is a pastor of adult discipleship! Its a small congregation of about 400 people that truly love and care for each other in a way I have not experienced in a long time. Its been an honor to be part of such an amazing group of people.

During our annual free Christmas Concert I had the opportunity to sneak outside and grab this picture. Hope you all enjoy it.

How it was done.

Canon 5D mkII 16-35mm f2.8L II

16mm at f8, ISO 640 , .6sec

5 exposures combined using hdrsoft's 32bit tiff format. Basic adjustments in Lightroom 4. Taken into CS6 to paint back in the sign from the -1 exposure (because it looked better) as well as added the top of the cross back in from another photo because I couldn't get it all into one shot. Final adjustments again in Lightroom 4 before final export.