For a friend!

For a friend! I have this really good friend named Jon. He has taught me a lot over the years and like all good friends there are things that Jon has said to me that have always stuck with me. These little jewels come up in my head every now and then and always make me smile when I think of them. Case in point, this photo.

I was out for a sunrise shoot around the opera house and was hoping that I might get some color in the sky with all these beautiful clouds. As I started to see just a hint of color(what you see in this photo is all I got) I rushed around circle quay trying to find the right composition. As I came around the corner I ran to the end of the dock and setup to take some shots. Its a shot I had taken earlier in the week so after I took my shots I started to crave something different. As I walked back the way I came I remembered something Jon had shared with me, his love of "bench" pictures! Being the dreamer that he is, his love for "benches" in pictures has always stuck with me. Maybe its because there is something magical about an empty bench, longing to be sat in, while enjoying the view of whats in front of it. I have have to admit I secretly started to like them to, these "bench" pictures, maybe for the same reason. Its the dreamer in both of us I guess and its why I think we get along so well as friends.

Now every time I'm on a photo adventure, I always try to remember to grab a "bench" photo for my friend Jon.....and maybe for myself too :)

How this shot was made: Canon 5D mkII, Canon 70-200 f4L IS 70mm, ISO 50, F22, 1.2sec

5 Bracketed exposures taken on location, -2,-1,0,+1,+2. Merged into a 32-Bit Tiff using the merge to 32-Bit Tiff HDR plugin. Lightroom adjustments on the 32-Bit Tiff to finish.