Heading to Zion and Antelope Canyon this week!

I'm off on a photo adventure this week with my triplet brother, Jon, to some amazing locations! On the itinerary is Zion National Park, the beautiful Antelope Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend Canyon.

The main purpose of this trip is to have an adventure with my triplet brother Jon before he gets married in a couple months, but also to do something we both love together, photography! For the first time together, this trip will be all about the photography. It will be just us, our cameras, and some beautiful places! I can't be more excited.

When I planned this trip for us I really wanted to have the chance to share all I have learned over the last several months with my bro and really have a "meeting of the like minds" to push and grow each other. Some of the things we will be experimenting with on this trip are:

  1. Experimenting with Lee Filters on location: Trying out a new set of Soft/Hard ND filters, as well as a new Singh-Ray Neutral Polarizer. I'm really going to try and see if I can do it like the pros out there and see what I can come up with. My work has been evolving more and more towards a natural look so I'm hoping that this new set of tools really helps that become more successful. Will see.
  2. Post Processing Techniques Including: LR Enfuse, Photomatix 32bit Tiff, HDR EFEX Pro 2, and Luminance Mask Blending in CS6. These are just a few of the new tools I have been experimenting with over the last several months. The most exciting of which is the new photomatix 32bit tiff plug-in for Lightroom 4! I just got a hold of this this week and I can honestly say that this is truly a game changer for me. Run! Don't Walk and check this out! totally unbelievable!

I'm going to try and blog some during this trip, hopefully once a night if possible so be sure to check out my blog if you want to follow along. Fall color's should be peaking at Zion this week as well so we couldn't have timed this more perfectly.  Wish us luck!

This trip is brought to you by our sponsors (Not really- I don't have any sponsors, but if you want to sponsor me let me know! hehe) Subaru Forester, our adventure car of choice, Patagonia Capilene 2 base layers, REI eVent Rain Gear, Trader Joes- hiking snacks, and coffee from Starbucks, without which would not make this trip possible. ALSO to my amazing wife Jennifer and Jon's fiancée Amy for encouraging us to get away for the weekend.