Hiking Griffith Park

Before and After

Before After

I had the chance to run up to Griffith Park observatory the other night to try and catch the sunset. There were good clouds in the sky and it really looked like the sunset was going to really take off but unfortunately nothing really happened. Too many low hanging clouds and the sun was never really able to get under them.

Still such a beautiful night to be out though! That is what I love about photography, it gets me out into the world and I always feel better doing it. Now if I could only feel that same way about running.......haha

How this shot was made: Canon 5d mkII, Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II Lens 16mm, f16, 1.6sec, ISO 160

5 Exposures taken on location and then blended together using the Merge to 32-bit Plug-in from Photomatix. Basic adjustments in Lightroom 4 before exporting to Photoshop CS6. Started the fun off by using Nik Color efex pro 4 to bring out the details and contrast. After getting it pretty close to what I was looking for, I started experimenting with various Luminance Masking techniques. This has been a new thing for me but I have be getting really fantastic results and it has really been the missing ingredient I have been looking for for certain adjustments. Used various masks for exposure tweaking, saturation, and contrast through out. Used Highpass filter for sharpening, and Nik Define 2 for noise reduction in the sky. Final export using Lightroom 4.

Hiking Griffith Park