Into the City of Angeles

Into the City of Angeles Taken on the 6th street bridge of Los Angeles during a rare thing in LA, a sky full of clouds. That particular night they were shooting several commercials around me including a commercial shoot on a near by rooftop and a Kia car commercial on the bridge with me.  The company had a suburban out fitted with a robotic camera arm following the brand new Kia up and down the bridge trying to get cool shots. I think all of us had the same idea that night trying to capture the really great light. Hopefully they weren't too pissed with me and my tripod getting in the shot as they went speeding by. Oppppssss

How this shot was made: Canon 5D mkII, Canon 16-35mm f2.8 lens 13sec, f16, ISO 160

5 Bracketed exposures taken on location and merged together using the Merge to 32-bit Plug-in from Photomatix. Basic adjustments in Lightroom 4 on the 32-bit file. Taken into photoshop cs6 and enhanced using Nik software, Color Efex pro 4, and Define 2. Highpass layer for sharpening. Saved as PSD before exporting out of Lightroom 4 for final result.

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