Julia Pfeiffer Overlook - California Coast - Before and After

I had some extra time this week to work on some more images from the California road trip that Jenn and I took last summer. It is always really fun to revisit old trips and relive the memories while doing some post processing.

Sometimes a little bit of distance from the trip allows me to come back to single image and better concentrate on what that one image needs rather then be overwhelmed and distracted by a huge folder of photos all needing post processing. It allows me to take my time and really concentrate.

How it was made: 29mm, f22, ISO 50, 2.5 Sec Canon 5D mkII, Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II, Singh ray LB Neutral Polarizer, using Coken Zpro Holder Single Exposure This particular image was processed using only luminance masking techniques, curves adjustments, and some Nik Color EFEX 4 mixed in. Check out my Photoshop layers to get an idea of all that went into it.

Using these adjustments I was able to specifically target certain areas of the image and achieve a better overall balance to the final image.

Before and After

Before After

Move the slider right and left to see the before and after.