LA Strobist December Meetup

Back in October I signed up for an off camera lighting seminar taught by an amazing Photographer, Father, and all around great guy known as David Hobby. David Hobby started a website named which helps teach photographers better "off camera" lighting techniques using small flashes as a light source. The seminar itself was a full 8 hours of priceless information that has really helped me get started learning better lighting techniques for my own portrait work.( I mean after all Photography is all about Lighting when you think about it so why not learn to make it work for you:OP!!!)
Anyways, has gotten so popular that in most cities people have started to form "Strobist Groups" and "Get togethers" where people meet once a month and practice their techniques and try and get better.

This last Sunday 12/07/08, I had the great pleasure of attending one of the "LA Strobist Meetups" and practice some Lighting. We had about 10-20 photographers, and about 4-5 models to work with. All of the models were really nice and a pleasure to work with and I'm really excited to show off some of the shots I took soon. Overall it was an absolutely awesome day and I had a blast!

Here is the picture of our group in pure strobist style. Shot with my new Nikon D700 and 24-700 f2.8 lens with two Strobs, camera Right and Left set to TTL Flash compenstation of +2ev