La Strobist Seminar!

So I just finished taking the Saturday class of LA Stobist Seminar put on by David Hobbie and let me tell you I was blown away. I had such an amazing time!

I have been following the Strobist website for several months so the information was not all necessarily new but what the class did for me was actually allow me to see a pro like David put it all together and demo it in front of my eyes. He did several setups and really explained the concepts in a very logical simple way leaving me ready to go out and try some of this on my own feeling confident that I understood how to do it.

If anyone of you have had the pleasure to meet David, he is an amazing guy, very approachable, funny, and is willing to answer any question you have for him. The class was from 9-6pm but David spent the rest of the evening with us just hanging out offering advice and sharing his love for photography, and I don't think I went home until after 10pm. It was so inspiring getting to meet other photographers and just sit back and listen to others stories and passions for what they shoot. This class was well worth every penny I paid for it. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about taking it.