Night at the Hollywood Bowl

Night at the Hollywood Bowl

Check out the lower right corner of this photo!!!! Its my favorite part! :)

This was my first attempt at using Lee Filters for the first time. I got a set in anticipation for my zion trip a couple months ago and I got to say it was a little weird at first. I'm pretty sure its the same for most people who have never used them before. Its hard to see the line on the filter at first, especially at night, and takes a little getting use too.

All in all I was really surprised by the results and learned at ton during this evening of testing. I now better understand how these tools can be really powerful in the right situations.

How this shot was taken:

Canon 5D mkII

70-200mm F4L IS at 70mm

F16 for 15sec

Shot on my RRS Triod using a Lee soft .6 ND Grad.

Post Processing in Lightroom 4, Basic Adjustments.