Nikon D700 to Canon 5D mkII! I have crossed over to the dark side!

Well folks, I have officially crossed over to the dark side!....I have begun the switch from Nikon to Canon. Well more specifically, from the Nikon D700 to the Canon 5D mkII......

I read a lot of photography blogs everyday. Mostly because I often have downtime while my work computer is rendering playblasts or I'm waiting on renders to get back from the DW renderfarm so I have managed to stay pretty current on whats going on in the Photography world over the last two years. I have become increasingly curious to this new movement rocking the photography world right now known as HD-DSLR video. Being an animation Cinematographer, anything to do with visual storytelling peaks my interest so I started to do a lot of research on the subject. As I dug deeper and deeper into the subject I have been amazed with what canon cameras can do with HD video these days...with short films, commercials, and now even TV shows! In fact most recently the season finally of House was completely shot on a canon 5D mkII and this is only the beginning folks....

Well after a lot of artistic sole searching I decided that this new media was too exciting to not jump at the chance to play around with and possibly,(gulp) make a short film myself! Possibly in the next year or so if everything goes right.

So in order to make this dream a reality, I needed to switch companies......:O( Snif Snif.....I love you Nikon!)

So a couple weeks ago I sold my D700 and purchased the 5D mkII. Its been a bit rough of a transition with several drawbacks to going with the 5D that I'll list in hopes that it helps anyone else who might be thinking about it themselves. Overall I have been totally impressed with the camera 5D mkII and the video features everyone has been talking about. The above video is is actually something I shot in about an hour to get a feel of what this camera can do and I have been way impressed!

Pros for switching
5D- HD DSLR Video Rocks!
5D- Lighter Body Construction
5D- Easier navigation of menus
5D- Wheel on the back is pretty sweet

Cons for switching
D700- feels tougher, stronger body construction, you feel like your getting more for your money.
D700- Weather sealing is better
D700- Better ISO performance
D700- Better FPS shooting rate
D700- overall better for photography so far. If your only a photographer you can't beat nikon.
D700- Has built in Interval Timer for Timelapse photography. 5D doesn't
D700- Has Built in Flash- Great for Triggering other flashes- 5D Doesn't

I'll try to update this list as I get a better feel for the differences but to be honest I miss my D700 a lot. The video features are pretty awesome and I'm having a blast with it but Nikon quality is a hard one to give up in my mind, but I could be biased since its really all I have known.

Anyways I hope you enjoy the video..... MORE TO COME :O)