Opera House Bar-Sydney Australia

Opera House Bar-Sydney Australia

My apologies for the short pause of my Sydney posts. Some stuff went down at work last week that took me by surprise and caused life to come to a quick halt. Luckily I survived the turmoil, and life is slowing getting back to normal again now. But MAN, Its been a very tough week for the animation and fx industry.

If your interested in the full story check out these links for more info.

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One of my wife and I's favorite activities while in Sydney was to visit the Opera House Bar. We actually made two trips to this local hot spot during our week in Sydney. The first trip was when we arrived. We had read about it in the guide books so after getting settled in our hotel it was the first place we went. We had such a great time we made a second trip just to have another excuse to enjoy a glass of wine and stare at the Opera House some more.  Of course the second time we came prepared and I took this picture right around sunset and blue hour. Afterwards, I enjoyed a wonderful glass of white wine with my wife soaking it all in.

If you look on the left there are these great places to sit while you drink your glass of wine while relaxing and chatting the night away with good company. Such an awesome spot! Sydney is truly a magical place.

How this shot was made:

Canon 5d mkII, Canon 16-36mm f2.8L II Lens

ISO 320, f16, 8 sec (Base Exposure)

5 Bracketed exposures (-2,-1,0,+1,+2) taken on location. Exported 5 exposures to HDRsoft's Merge to 32-bit tiff plugin to combine into 32bit floating point tiff. Lightroom adjustments on the 32bit tiff to get it as close to final as I could.

Digital Blending: Took 0 exposure, and 32-bit Tiff into CS6 and painted back in the crowd to fix a ton of ghosting from the 32-Bit Tiff plugin. I also did some selective cloning to fix some issues around the wall and water line. I still couldn't get ride of all of the movement but in some ways I actually really like it. It conveys the commotion of the place and really how it felt that night. Also added a "Highpass" layer for sharpening of the opera house just to give it a little more clarity.

Final adjustments in Lightroom 4. Added a small Vignette to finish it off.