Opera House Blues

Opera House Blues

It has been a year and half since my wife and I took our last vacation! This time our moto was "go big or go home" and as the stars aligned for vacation times and work schedules we found ourselves shooting for a January vacation. We weighed the options and Australia, being their summer, seemed like a great choice. We planned, saved, and dreamed and months later, on a hot summer morning in January at 6am I found myself in front of the opera house in awe! I was realizing what seemed liked a totally crazy idea months before had really come true. I was in front of the opera house and it was beautiful!

The city was just starting to wakeup, and people were out for their daily runs and doing boxing workouts in the park! It was wonderful to see the city start to come alive! I tried so hard to take it all in. The smells, the sounds, and the feeling of the wind coming off the water. It was a moment I'll never forget!

How it was done:

Canon 5d mkII, 16-35mm II

35mm, F11, ISO 50, 196 sec (3min 15sec)

This photo was achieved use a Lee Big Stopper Filter, with a modified Coken Zpro Filter Holder. Only basic adjustments in Lightroom after import to achieve final look.