Paris: Day Three

Arc De Triumph

We are exhausted from all this fun! We are soar, tired, happy but grumpy, our feet hurt, and we are falling asleep a weird times still.....but we love every minute of it!!!!

  1. Got up early and headed over to "Le Cordon Bleu"- Paris, and took an amazing cooking class called "Cooking with Champagne."  This is where Julia Childs learned to cook in France! We had a blast spending most of the day there (8:30-3pm)
  2. Got home and took a break to plan the next two days making sure we don't forget anything we really want to do.
  3. Headed over to Lemoine Canele' and got some "Sans Gluten" (Gluten Free) Macaroons.  Mmmmm! How we are going to survive without these small treats at home I don't know!
  4. Stopped in our favorite French cafe (finally found it!) of the trip "Le Camps de Mars" and had some coffee and tea and people watched.
  5. Feel asleep on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower from pure exhaustion.
  6. Headed back to the flat to eat the dinner we made at "Le Cordon Bleu"but stopped at a cheese shop for some Brie, and a wine shop for some Rose wine.  Anyone know of a cheese shop in Glendale??  We loved this place.
  7. Enjoyed our dinner we made earlier in our cooking course- Oyster Jelly appetizer, Sole Salmon with Fish Sauce and Veggies, Bavarian Cream for dessert.
  8. Took a 30min cat nap
  9. Headed to the Arch De Triumph to enjoy the sunset and take some photos
  10. Caught the last elevator ride up to the top to enjoy the view
  11. Headed home to get some sleep so we can enjoy our last day in Paris tomorrow

On the list for tomorrow....Notre Dame, St Chapelle, Loove, possibly the Montmartre district if we have time.

Sorry to keep republishing....Finished a photo after all and just got it posted!