Paris: Day Two

Photo by Jennifer Gunther

After our late night excursion to see the Eiffel Tower light up at 1am, we definitely slept in this morning. We slept in a bit more than we intended and didn't wake up until 12:30pm!! Silly jet lag I think is still affecting us a bit.

Once awake we quickly got ready and headed out the door. Here's what we did today....

--Grabbed breakfast and lunch (for later) at a few markets in our neighborhood. We have the cutest neighborhood and flat by the way!!

--Took the metro to Musee d'Orsay. After waiting in quite a line to get in, we were mesmerized by a fabulous collection of impressionist & post impressionist art. We went in every gallery there and stayed until they kicked us out at closing time at 6pm.

--Next we took the metro to another art museum, Centre Pompidou. While neither of us are drawn to modern art, we were super intrigued by this controversial modern building in the middle of historical Paris. We first went to a very posh restaurant on the top floor of the museum called Georges and ordered martinis as we stared at an amazing view of all of Paris. After our drinks we walked around the 3 floors of modern art exhibits. As we suspected, the art was not really to our taste so we didn't spend a ton of time in there.

--We then walked down to Notre Dame and Josh caught the sunset in his photographs. The sun sets around here at 9:30-10pm!

--Finally, we ended our day in a cute little cafe near our flat. I loved my meal of roasted chicken & mashed potatoes (Europe really knows how to do potatoes!), but Josh's meal of steak & potatoes was only so-so. We are still looking for that great Paris cafe. We did drink some great wine & ended our meal with some creme brulee. Mmmmm.

Now it's time for bed as we have a big day ahead... a cooking class!!


 Sorry guys, no Josh photo tonight, We are taking a cooking class tomorrow and I need to get the extra sleep! Hopefully I'll have time to post one tomorrow!