Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena City Hall

My Photography Nemesis!
We all have them. That one location that no matter how many times you go shoot it something always goes wrong. This particular night it was that I forgot to set my lens to manual focus to prevent focus issues between brackets. Before that it was not getting to the location soon enough totally missing blue hour. Before that it was my 16-35mm lens was having issues after a botched repair job from a local camera shop. For some reason this location always seems to get the best of me in some way.

Pasadena City Hall, you may have won this battle, but I will WIN the war! hehe :)

How this shot was made:
Canon 5d mkII, Canon 16-35mm lens at 18mm
5 Bracketed exposures on location

Combined all 5 exposures using the Merge to 32-bit HDR plug-in. Did adjustments in Lightroom trying to get it as close to final as possible. Image taken into photoshop and sharpened using the "highpass" filter as a sharpening method.

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