Pershing Square - Los Angeles

Pershing Square - Los Angeles Being confronted by Security Guards is always a funny thing. I thought I might run into some in Pershing Square remembering the time I got stopped by one three years ago trying to take a picture. The security guard was super nice about it informing me that it wasn't the picture taking that was bothering him but it was my tripod I couldn't use. I asked him "why no tripods?" but he didn't really seem to know.

Monday I was walking by Pershing Square and decided to give it another shot. Maybe the policy had changed who knows? So I went in but turned my ISO up a bit higher so my brackets would be faster. That way I could at least finish my shots before being asked to leave again.

I was in there for about ten minutes taking shots and there were people walking around doing maintenance but so far no security. I kept looking around just in case but so far so good. Unfortunately for me, my luck didn't last long. Down at the end of the park I saw a security guard. He started walking my way but didn't seem to be in much of a hurry. It took him about 10 minutes to walk the 100 feet to get to me. It took him so long I was convinced he didn't care about me and I had taken several rounds of brackets already and was getting ready to walk to another spot. But just as I got up, we had the dreaded talk.

Again he was super nice about it, told me about the no tripod rule but didn't really know why. Something about tripods being professional equipment or something. I decided not to argue and left. At least I got a few shots in this time :)

*How this shot was made:* Canon 5d mkII, Canon 16-35mm lens at 16mm 5 Bracketed exposures on location

Combined all 5 exposures using the Merge to 32-bit HDR plug-in. Did adjustments in Lightroom trying to get it as close to final as possible. Image taken into photoshop CS6 for more adjustments. Used Nik Software, Viveza 2 to add "structure" for some micro contrast and Dfine 2 for noise reduction and cleanup. Small tweaks to exposure and contrast to finish.

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