Run a Ground

Run a Ground, originally uploaded by Joshua Gunther.

This picture was taken right after I got back from France. After hours on the plane I just didn't feel like staying at home so I drove down to the beach to go for a walk. When I got there I saw this sailboat had run a ground and was starting to draw a crowd of people around it. As a sailor its never a fun sight to see a boat in this state. I never found out if she was rescued or not but it is my hope that she was....

On a more personal note........
This picture has been really speaking to me this week. Its ironic how amazingly beautiful the sunset is and yet how tragic it is to see a boat suffering in this way. Its funny how life can be like that sometimes. It can be absolutely beautiful all around you and yet you could be suffering inside. I definitely have felt that contrast a few times in my life but I think taking a second to stop and notice the beautiful sunsets in my life has really helped bring it back into focus giving me that energy to face another day. If you are suffering out there, I hope that this picture might remind you, to remember the blessings that God has given you in your life. Who knows, that remembrance might just make all the difference. :O)