Silence, originally uploaded by Joshua Gunther.

Model: ME

Strobist: sb800-Umbrella camera left 1/16 power overhead.

Sometimes our best pictures are often from accidental mistakes. This picture is a perfect example. This shot was a total accident while I was trying to do some test frames for a picture I had in my head. I didn't have the focus right and I continued to shoot hoping to get that one that was in my mind. But after looking through the shots on my computer I stopped at this one. There is just something kinda nice with how I ended up tucked in the bottom right of the frame and how my face is out of focus just enough..... I don't know, I just like it.

I read a great article yesterday on where they interviewed a really awesome photographer named Bil Zelman. One of the things that surprised me in the article was that he said that "focus was overrated". Now I like my pictures to be in focus but it got me thinking about the fact that its good to not always follow the rules.

I'm always saying that Photography is about an emotional response but its also about having fun. Maybe your next mistake might turn out to be your next masterpiece! The point is to just keep shooting and see what you get! You never know, it might end up being your next fav! :O)