Special Announcement!

Notre Dame Street Art Sellers

Well Folks..... I have a special announcement.

I know I usually just post pictures on this blog but that is about to change. Why you ask? Is it because a meteor hit my head and all of a sudden my dyslexic brain is faster at writing then it was before.....well no...but It's actually because I have some good news. My wife and I are going to EUROPE for the first time together in a couple weeks! YAYAYAY

What does this mean for you all? More beautiful pictures from Joshua Gunther photography from beautiful places like London and France! Yay....I am so stoked.

But before that happens, like most trips I go on, the boy scout in me forces me to be prepared. So naturally I have a lot to do to get ready for Europe if I'm going to go and get some of these awesome pictures so I thought would share my journey with the world just in case someone might be listening.

So over the next few weeks we are going to be talking about exciting topics like. Tripods, camera safety, Bags, Camera Straps, and whatever else I'm thinking as I try and get ready for this awesome adventure. Hopefully I can share some useful information with you all and we can learn together!

yay so Stoked!!!! Stay tuned!!!