Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

This was actually the first shot I took of the opera house from our trip. I walked around circle quay, found a good spot, and setup my tripod. It was a beautiful night and there was a great sunset over the city. The soft glows of the golden orange clouds in the distance reflected on the white tiles of the opera house creating this soothing soft feeling to the building. The Opera House just kinda mesmerizes you and for a week straight I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

How this shot was made:

Canon 5D mkII, 70-200mm f4L IS lens

70mm F16, ISO50, at 25sec (Base Exposure)

5 Bracketed exposures (-2,-1,0,+1,+2) taken on location. Exported 5 exposures to HDRsoft's 32bit tiff plugin to combine into 32bit floating point tiff. Lightroom adjustments on the 32bit tiff to get it as close to final as I could. Brought into Photoshop to fix some dust particles that I couldn't fix in Lightroom. Also did some selective sharpening of the Opera House, using the "Highpass" filter set to "Overlay" blending mode just to give it a little more pop. Back into Lightroom to bump up the contrast and a little bit more exposure to finish it off.