The Rainy Watchman - Zion National Park

The Rainy Watchman - Zion National Park This was one of my first experiments with long(er) exposure photography during the day. My brother and I had just come down off of angle's landing and it had been raining all day. We were cold and wet but loving it. We decided to stop at the watchman bridge just to see if the clouds were going to part and light up at all but the cloud density was too much because of the rain. I decided to try a long exposure shot just to see what I could get. After a couple attempts and tweaking of settings I loved what I was seeing on the back of the camera and thought I nailed it! Much to my dismay when I looked at it on my laptop back home I had made a huge rookie mistake! Can any of you spot it?????

Note to self! If its been raining always always make sure there is no rain drops on your lens.....doh!

How this shot was made! Canon 5D mkII, Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II lens 120sec, f16, ISO 100

I shot this in blub mode for a 120sec using no filters since it was really dark by then. Processed a single exposure in Lightroom 4 then sent it to Photoshop for small adjustments using Nik software color efex pro 4. Final export using Lightroom 4

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