They were meant to be together-Sydney Australia

They were meant to be together-Sydney Australia

Well folks I'm finally done with "Turbo" as of today. Its been two years of work , a lot of love, and passion put into this film. I got to say it turned out amazingly!

So now that I'm done I can finally get back to processing. I'm still working on my Sydney album and can't wait to share more of them with you and this one is no exception.

How this shot was made:
Canon 5d mkII, Canon 50mm f1.4 Lens
ISO 640, f8, 8 sec (Base Exposure)

100% Digital Blending, No HDR on this one.

I took all 5 exposures into photoshop CS6 for manual blending using layer masks. Using the 0 exposure as my base, I used some of the -1 exposure to add contrast to the buildings and bridge that were two bright. I used the +1 exposure to brighten the opera house to help it stand out more. Also I used the -2 exposure to fix some blown out highlights around Luna park and the bridge pillars. One curves layer for contrast and a highpass layer for sharping.

Final adjustment in Lightroom 4 to finish.