Walt Disney Concert Hall - Downtown Los Angles

Walt Disney Concert Hall - Downtown Los Angeles Tried to take advantage of the rain that has been hitting LA and grab this shot of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I love this time of year in LA! Its in the 60s and 70s and we get some amazing skies when the rain comes through!

How this shot was made: Canon 5D mkII, Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L II f11, 16mm, ISO 100

5 Bracketed exposures taken on location, plus several 30sec exposures for car trails that never turned out well.

Basic adjustments in Lightroom 4, before bringing all 10 images into photoshop CS6 for manual exposure blended. Hand blended multiple exposures to achieve final result. 1 for the foreground street, 2 to help recover bright highlights, and a few to help paint out the people walking through the frame.

Final adjustments of, perspective correction, Nik Color Efex pro 4, and Nik pro Sharpener. Final export using LR4.