Trip to El Matador State Beach

El Matador Rocks

Had the chance to get out and do some shooting with my Triplet brother over the Christmas Holiday.  I have to admit I am way out of practice when it comes to seascape photography.  It felt good to get out and flex some photography muscles that have not been used in a while. 

Photography can be like working out in a way.  It can be easy to get out of shape if you don't do it very often.  I for sure felt out of shape with this particular area of photography. Reminded me that if you want to be good at anything you have to practice, and practice often. 

I did have some success with a few shots. I like how these images turned out. Hope you enjoy. 

El Matador Caves

Desert View Thunderstorm - Grand Canyon National Park

Desert View Thunderstorm - Grand Canyon National Park

My family and I rolled up to the south rim of the Grand Canyon trying to catch the sunset. There were tons of thunderstorms everywhere that had been following us most of our trip.  I couldn't be happier since bad weather = good/ unique photography.  I knew I only had a few minutes to pull this shot off so I quickly setup my camera and started shooting.

What your not seeing in this photo is the wall of water behind me moving like a slow moving freight train. In a few minutes I would be totally nailed by a monsoon of rainfall.  Everyone around me started running to get out of the rain, including me. It was actually a really fun moment that really doesn't happen everyday.

When was the last time you could say you were in a thunderstorm at the Grand Canyon?

How this photo was made: Canon 5D mkII, 24mm TSE Tilt shift on a tripod. .9 lee graduated filter + circular polarizer.  Three frame shift panorama stitched together in photoshop.  Exposures blended together using braketed frames to fix extreme highlights.  Boosted colors and contrast using NIK software Color EFX pro 2.



Blue Screen 1980

Man I have always wanted to know about this.  Technology has made the blue screen process so much easier but watching this truly makes me respect the pioneers that paved the way for all of us.

Enjoy this very cool informational video!

Published in June issue of LAM - Landscape Architecture Magazine

My image in the Pershing Square article in June Landscape Architecture Magazine

I am so blessed to be published in the June issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine as part of a featured article about the re-design of Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles. The article is really well done spanning several pages featuring extensive history about Pershing Square and how they plan to improve the space. Huge thumbs up to the Writer Nate Berg, and the Art Director Chris McGee on such an awesome article.  Thanks for letting me partner with you by providing an imagery. 

If you have a chance, go check out the article.  In fact, check out the entire magazine, it is full of beautiful and creative projects that will inspire you.  

Cover of June issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine

My image in the Pershing Square article in June Landscape Architecture Magazine

Happy 2016!!!!!! Time to get to work!

Petersen Auto Museum

Hopefully all of you have spent sometime reflecting on the last year and have put some thought into what your goals are for 2016.  This is the moment where we start to take that first step and look to the future.   The true secret to accomplishing any goal is to first know where you want to go, and start taking little steps to get there everyday. That is it. Something so simple but yet so hard to do at times.

As we "go for it" in 2016 here some helpful tips that help get all of us where we want to go.

1. Try and do *one thing* related to your goal everyday!  Weather that is watching a tutorial on the subject, working onphoto processing, doing some location scouting, making that cold call to potential clients to find new business,  reaching out to someone you respect for help that guide you, or even spending some time thinking about what to do next.  Do "something" everyday. 

2. Understand achieving your goal is going to be a slow process. Success doesn't come over night. It happens by deliberate steps that add up over time.

3. If you have a bad day or experience struggle, understand that is part of it.  Every goal worth pursuing is going to involve struggle. It's the people that don't understand this that give up and never accomplish their dreams.  Try and accept that it is going to be hard but so worth it.

4.  Take a minute and try and enjoy what your learning or where the journey is taking you.  As you walk down the path you may be surprised by where it takes you so try and enjoy it rather then stressing about getting to where your going.

5.  It is ok to change your mind, adjust your goals, and start again.   As you pursue something you may find out that you actually don't enjoy it as much as you thought, or discover something else along the way that feels better to you.  It is ok to adjust as you go.  The point is that your going somewhere, and that is more important then the destination.

All right lets make 2016 the best year yet!  Let's get to work!!!!

Magic Sunset -Payette Lake -McCall Idaho

Magic Sunset -Payette Lake -McCall Idaho

Probably one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. The sky lit up like a fire for a good 20 minutes. But even better then seeing this sunset was photographing it with my brothers and sisters. So wonderful to enjoy this moment with family that I hadn't hung out with in a long time. Sometimes it's about the people your with then the thing your photographing.

Driving Joshua Tree

Driving Joshua Tree

Sometimes you just got to hang your camera out the window and snap the picture. This was taken during an afternoon exploring Joshua Tree National Park with my brother Jim and his family.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree - Joshua Tree National Park

I'm a bit behind on my photo uploads. I have been so busy with other projects I keep forgetting to post. 

I took this back in March, during a trip to celebrate my brother's birthday. It was such a fun trip. I can't wait to go back :)

New Gallery on the Main Page

Half Dome - Yosemite National Park

Half Dome - Yosemite National Park

I have been a little bit behind with my website updates but I'm excited to share that I added a new gallery to the main page.  These images are from my adventures around California.  Let me know what you think.  I would love to hear your thoughts. 



The Broad Museum - Los Angeles

The Broad Museum - Los Angeles

I finally had a chance to get out and go shooting last night. My subject? "The Broad" Museum. This is a new museum just recently constructed in LA that is scheduled to open fall of 2015. I'm super excited to check out the inside and explore this beautiful piece of architecture. What an amazing building!

Be sure to checkout their website and learn more about this awesome museum!