Gear I Use

Camera Body/Lenses

Canon 5DmkIV

Just upgraded to this body from the Canon 5D mk II after a very long wait.  I'm happy to report that it was well worth it in every way. My experience with the Canon 5D mkIV has been nothing but amazing. In fact I have talked so highly about it that most of my family and friends have started to wonder if I am a canon sales rep in disguise. lol

Canon 24mm TS-E Tilt Shift

Super sharp, and capable of carrying filters, the 24mm TSE is my go too architecture lens and used for 90% of my architecture photography work. This is hands down my favorite lens and the one I'm using most of the time when I'm out in the field. Love this lens.

Canon 17mm TS-E Tilt Shift

An essential lens to have for architecture photography!  This lens allows you to get very tall buildings fully into frame when shooting in tight quarters while still maintaining proper perspective. The only downside of this lens is the bulb shaped front element which makes it near impossible to attach filters too, which can be a disadvantage when shooting exteriors. However with good planning and digital blending techniques there is no better wide angle lens. It is extremely sharp and the tilt/shift features make this an amazing lens.

Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II

Hailed as Canon's sharpest lens. This work horse is versatile and extremely sharp. When I'm traveling and walking around a new city this is the first lens I put on and the last one I take off.  The last thing you want to do when traveling is switch lenses every few minutes and this lens covers 90% of most photography situations. It is wide enough for architecture, and long enough for portraits and everything in between. In my option if you can only afford one lens, this is it. 

Canon 70-200mm f4L IS

My best travel telephoto zoom lens.  When I'm on the road, this is the perfect lens for when I need something longer then 70mm.  No f2.8 you ask? This lens is much lighter and smaller then its big brother the 70-200mm f2.8L IS.  The f4.0 is just as sharp without all that extra weight.  I do loose a small amount of DOF but because I mainly use this lens on a tripod for buildings and landscapes I haven't missed it and my back is much happier.

Canon 50mm f1.4

The nifty fifty.  An amazing lens for an amazing price.  You really can't beat a 50mm lens for most photography. You can use it for portraiture, landscapes, video, and details shot. This lens is so versatile I recommend that all photographers should purchase a 50mm lens and have it in their kit.

Canon 85mm f1.8

Great portrait lens. I mainly use this for head shots or for video. The creamy and beautiful DOF of this lens make it perfect for portraits. To be honest I'm not using this lens as much. I much prefer the next lens on the list, the 135mm f2.0. But still great to have around.

Canon 135mm f2L

Hands down my favorite portrait lens. This is really my go to lens for portraits and head shots. Great for detail shots as well.  If you need a lens that has amazing DOF this is your lens.


Lee Graduated Neutral Density Filters , .3, .6 ,.9

These are essential filters for any outdoor photography work.  The biggest benefit comes from helping you balance the light of any scene in camera without having to do it in post processing saving you time and energy. 

Lee Hard Neutral Density Filters, .3, .6, .9

Great for ocean scenes and anything with a hard horizon line.

Lee Full Neutral Density Filter, .9

I use this anytime I need to slow my shutter speed down more then the current situation allows. Works great for smoothing out waterfalls and other bodies of water during the daylight.

Lee Big Stopper - 10 stop Neutral Density Filter

Essential for any long exposure photography work.  The only thing I don't like about it is the rather large color shift that happens while using this filter.  It takes a really extreme white balance to bring a shot back into balance while using it.  Over all a great piece of gear for some very creative effects.

Cokin Zpro Filter Holder - plus - Lens Adapter Rings

I liked this filter holder better then the Lee Filter holder. This one is a bit more secure to the camera then the Lee which just snaps on. Using this one I don't have to worry about my filters popping off my camera as I more around a location.

Singh Ray LB Neutral Polarizer - Zpro SPRocket

Best Polarizer on the market and very color accurate. I purchased the larger zpro sprocket version so I could use it as part of the filter holder system and use it with every lens I have rather then purchasing for multiple lenses.  It has totally been worth the investment.  



Really Right Stuff TVC-24L Carbon Fiber tripod with Really Right Stuff BH-40 LR Ballhead

After years of dealing with the hassle of cheap tripod legs I finally decided to buy the best tripod I could afford and only do it once.  This tripod has been the best investment I have ever made. It is built tough, super stable, manufactured in the USA, and has been with me all over the world.  This truly is favorite and most relied upon piece of gear.  

RRS L Bracket for 5DmkII

This is really the whole reason to choose RRS. This L bracket allows you to switch your camera from horizontal to vertical without having to touch your ball head position.  It is the most brilliant and time saving feature that I really can't live without now.

Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head

I use this head for all of my architecture shoots. It makes leveling my camera simple and quick when using tilt shift lenses and a bubble level. The fine adjustment nobs allow me to dial in my shots at a precise level. My only issue with this head is that it wobbles quite a bit if I touch it. This can be a problem if I need to touch the camera and make an adjustment. So far it hasn't been too much of an issue but I'm looking to replacing it as funds permit.


Thinktank - Airport Acceleration V2.0

"The BIG Bag" and my main bag I take traveling. It can carry all of my photo gear, my macbook pro,  and all of "my extra's" and still fit in the overhead bin. I love this bag and it has been all over the world with me.

Lowepro - Fastpack 250 Backpack

When I just want to do a quick trip around town and still have room to carry my macbook and a few lenses I use this bag. Its big enough to carry a lot of gear but light enough that I could carry it all day with out too much trouble.

Lowepro - Fastpack 100 Backpack

When I just want to carry my camera, and 1 extra lens and that's it.

Other Gear Essentials


An essential in the field when shooting for clients, this little device allows me to control my camera using an ipad or ipad mini.

Ipad Mini

I love my ipad mini. The size is perfect and easy to carry. I take it with me on all my shoots and use it to connect with camranger to control my camera. Plus you just can't beat having netfilx always available whenever you have a wifi signal.

Extra Camera Battery

You can never have too many extra batteries.

RadioPoppers JR2 - Radio Triggers

I have been using RadioPoppers to trigger all my flashes for several years now. They are just as good as pocket wizards but much much cheaper. I highly recommend checking them out. They are a great company.

LED Headlamp

When your out shooting night photography it is always a good idea to carry around a headlamp just in case you need it to find your way back to the car.

LED Video Light

This light is great if you ever need to do some some run and gun lighting for video.